Money Transfer Service

C&B Inc. is a registered company for Money transfer business (Kanto Finance Bureau No. 00054).
C&B Inc. providing fast and secure international remittance services through the financial networks of Korea, Nepal, Vietnam

Fast and Secure C&B International Money Transfer Service


Fund transfer operators according to the Fund Payment Act

The customer deposits requested by the transfer shall be deposited in accordance with the From overseas until the recipient actually receives the money It is secured and protected by the Legal Affairs Bureau.


Easy money transfer service using PC and smart phone

For convenient money transfer service, PC, smartphone, Various remittance such as FAX, telephone application, branch visit reception We provide the service


Nepal, Vietnam and other overseas financial networks

Home-based couriers, branch visits, and bank account deposits allow families in your home country to receive money quickly and easily.


View and issue remittance via online and customer center

We provide tax evidences for remittances and transactions to members as well as non-members.

C&B Inc. is a registered company for Money transfer business (Director of Kanto Finance Bureau No. 00054.) C&B Inc. is providing fast and secured international remittance services through its financial networks to 9 countries including Korea , Nepal and Vietnam

Countries eligible for remittance Remittance currency Receiving currency
Vietnam VND VND
Philippines PHP PHP
Australia AUD AUD
Singapore SGD SGD
Bangladesh BDT BDT

You can choose international emittance services for 9 countries, including Korea, Nepal and Vietnam.

Remittance Fees

Remittance amount Transfer fee
Transfer fee ¥ 1 - ¥ 50,000 ¥ 500
¥ 50,001 - ¥ 1,000,000 ¥ 1,000

Purchase items such as Internet shopping items (recipient) to receive the fixed amount When sending money,
please select [based on the amount received].

(The yen is transferred to the original currency to transfer the yen.)

The purpose of remittance is to pay for goods and services

(Example) Purchase price: Enter the product name, shipping address, and country of origin
(Example) payment of service use fee / (example) payment of school expenses bill others

Remittance simulator

Select country
Money Transfer Plan
Exchange Rate
Transfer fee
Remittance amount
Amount received

Notes on remittance

There is a screening by our company.
Also, you can not transfer money for the following purposes.

  • a. Purchase of drugs, stimulants, pistols, fake bills
  • b. Purpose of purchase of import prohibition goods such as book
    which hurt public security style
  • c. Purpose of purchase of foreign issued lottery ticket
  • d. Purpose of purchase of foreign issued lottery ticket
  • e. Purpose of purchase of rare animals, processed goods, etc. prohibited
    by the Washington Treaty
  • f. If the foreign exchange law prohibits remittance
    (manufacture of nuclear weapons, etc.)
  • g. For other purposes that are deemed inappropriate by our judgment

Integration limit guide

Item Service
One-time remittance limit Yearly remittance limit
Member ¥ 500,000 ¥ 5,000,000
Non-members ¥ 100,000 ¥ 200,000
Corporate member ¥ 500,000 ¥ 5,000,000